After 3 months a lonely bachelor, Elvis finally has rescue hens to watch over.

It was so moving and beautiful to observe Elvis’ reaction. He was outside the coop when we released the hens into the coop. He listened intently to the commotion coming from the coop. In disbelief he walked in the coop and saw all these girls!

I was moved to tears as i watched him display such excitement and gentleman manners. He introduced himself and flirted a bit. The hens were nervous and apprehensive about him, and the new surroundings . After several minutes they settled in knowing they had a wonderful protector.

He looked around for food to show them- cooing when he’d find a cherry tomato, then he’d pick it up and squeeze it a bit before tossing it toward them. If he found scratch he would kick it toward them. He showed them where the nesting boxes were, jumping in to sit facing the wall with his tail sticking out, making sounds I’d never heard before- telling them “Here! Here! Here are you nests!”. He showed a few that would follow him to the outside pen. If any hens ventured close to me he would run interference, so they wouldn’t get too close to the human.

A few hours later I peaked in. He and his girls are up in the high rafters – one hen tucked in close to his side. The others lined up in a row.

So heartwarming. My heart is full.


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