I sit at the breakfast table with a cup of English Breakfast Tea. It’s usually warm this Thanksgiving morning. The sun peaks through the intermittent clouds. A fog bank lazily rolls over the Horse Heaven Hills, on it’s surface a sliver of silver reflects the sun. The pigs root in the pasture, joyously looking for chicory roots and tasty grass shoots. The last vestiges of summer leaves hang on to the 100 year old maple tree. All of this. I am grateful for all of this. I am grateful for the opportunities that Greg and I have had over our lives to get us to this place and to this moment in time. I am grateful for the family and friends that rallied to help us when it seemed the tide was against us purchasing the farm. I am thankful for the supporters that have come from our community, and across the world to lend a hand in creating this sanctuary, this Eden, for our animal friends.

Seeing the pigs root brings me much joy. Oh how they love to root. How I wish every pig could live a life of rooting, grazing, and snuggling under warm hay with their chosen companion. We have space and resources to rescue a small amount of animals in need. Those we do are given the best life we can offer. Each is an individual. Each has a unique personality. Each has a desire to be free from pain, from suffering. Every animal enjoys companionship. It is very important work we do for the individuals here at the sanctuary, but it is much more than that. Each farmed animal we bring to rescue is a representative of the 56 billion farmed animals killed for food each year(statistic includes land mammals, and birds, not fish or marine life). Each equine here represents the 150,000 equines sent to slaughter in the USA alone. It is my desire that each visitor begins to see each animal as the individual they are. That as a society we begin to take off our blinders, remove the myths surrounding these animals- and understand who they are, not what they can offer us, and their right as an individual to exist free from exploitation and suffering. I’m not alone in my thinking. I see many of our supporters out there making a difference. You volunteer. You are raising awareness. You are contributing to sanctuaries and other animal causes. You are sharing stories about farmed animals, and exposing the horrors of modern day factory farms. You are on the front lines protesting, and signing petitions. You are making different food choices as you grow and learn. You send your joyous, compassionate, beautiful energy out into the universe. You are making this world a gentler, more compassionate world.

I am grateful for you.

Michelle Allgaier, director

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