Sonny- now top mini pig!

After several months of separation, Frances and her son, Sonny were able to meet the rest of the sounder face to face without a fence between them. It’s always nerve wracking to watch them establish hierarchy. Tidbit and Sonny fought many times, with Sonny eventually sending Tidbit on his way. The other pigs had no interest in battling with Sonny, other than a bit of squawking. Blitz and Frances squared off, and after a long wrestle, Blitz acquiesced. There were some scratches, bloody ears, and puffs of hair about the field, but no serious injuries to any of the contenders.

Who would predict¬†that Sonny would be become top mini pig? He is 1/2 the size of everyone, quite pudgy since his neuter, and has 6″ legs! I suppose his low center of gravity helped.¬†

Sonny and Frances are getting to know Mr. P (our big domestic pig) through the fence this week before we let them out in the adjoining pasture. Until then we can breath a sigh of relief. It is joyful to allow Sonny and Frances access to the larger pasture after their years of confinement, where they lived separately in their own feces. They were facing slaughter in their previous life but now are able snuggle together every night, sleeping and snacking in the soft hay, without a care in the world.

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