Every night when it’s below 40 degrees I make a late night round between 10 and 11 to make sure every animal is either tucked in, or has what they need to be comfortable.

I make sure Onyx isn’t stuck in the hay, and is able to snuggle up to Hammy. (They are our handicapped pigs.) I add hay over the top, then add a kids sleeping bag over that to ensure they stay toasty all night. I was really surprised how hot it can be under and around their bodies when they are deep in the hay. We do have a back up dog house heater if it dips into the teens. I check the hut temperature with a bedside temp monitor.

Last year Tidbit wasn’t used to being an outside piggy, and had a hard time adjusting to the cold. This year he is a PRO and buries himself so deep he can’t be seen. I still throw a blanket over him since he doesn’t have a buddy he wants to sleep with. He isn’t bothered by my disturbance, just offers sweet mutterings to say thank you, and goes back to sleep

I check that all the other pigs didn’t eat or drag out too much hay that they can’t bury in- and will bring more to shake atop them if needed.

Mr. P, our big pig seems to enjoy this cooler weather, and only scoots the hay to create a wall to stop drafts from bothering him.

Chicken coop doors are double checked to make sure it isn’t drafty and no that predators can break in.

Horses and donkeys are usually still munching dinner late into the night. We give extra hay to keep their bodies producing enough heat through the cold night.

About 11 it’s my bedtime!


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