Pigs never cease to intrigue me. We recently introduced Frances and Sonny, a rescued mother and son couple, to the rest of the sounder. In most ways it went better than expected. There were some battles, but everyone settled into their positions quickly- except for Tidbit. He has not taken well to Sonny being top pig, and has been challenging him every day. Abby is our peacemaker. Abby does not like to fight, and tries to settle everyone down. Today I witnessed a very interesting interaction take place. Tidbit came over to challenge Sonny. Hackles were raised, mouths were chomping, and they were eyeing each other. Suddenly, Abby and Blitz moved up to Sonny, one on each side. They blocked Sonny’s view of Tidbit, and made some pig comments and gestures. Tidbit walked away, and Sonny relaxed. Then Abby moved back a little and started to nudge Sonny’s belly. He flopped over onto his side, and Abby gave him a belly rub with her snout! The battle was off and everyone went about their business. Throughout the rest of day I observed Blitz and Abby placing themselves between Tidbit and Sonny. Blitz would lay down in front of Sonny, or stand between Tidbit and Sonny, and Abby would gently nudge Sonny away or offer grooming. Blitz can now be added to the peacemaker category as well.
Today’s lesson? Belly rubs will make the world a much more peaceful place!

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