As grateful as we have been to steward the beautiful 1908 homestead in Prosser, WA, we’ve worn ourselves out physically, emotionally, and financially with the heat waves, wind storms, anomaly snow storms, moving handlines, and maintaining a vineyard and orchard all while caring for our 25+ animal residents. This year Greg and I (Michelle), (founders and operators) have both sustained injuries, and I had a long lasting bout of Coronavirus. All the extras required to keep the property lush and beautiful in a desert was just not sustainable.
A vision was sent out to the universe- returning with far more than I could have hoped for. Many serendipitous events had to occur for this to come through with the pandemic and other hurdles we faced- but finally the clouds cleared and we had to jump!
The property is 15 acres of forest and native landscape. We have approximately 10 acres dedicated for pigs, 1 acre for the donkeys, and 4 acres for the rest of the menagerie (chickens, dogs, cats and us). Financially it makes more sense- with the sale of our home and the subdivided lot in Prosser we will have a much smaller payment and no irrigation, pruning, or spraying costs.
We are now in the rain shadow of the Olympic Peninsula. Sequim offers a Mediterranean climate- 16-19 inches of rain (Seattle for example has 38″), an average high of 75 in the summer, 45 in the winter. Pigs don’t do well past 75 degrees so they are going to love it.  There are very few nights below freezing, so there will be so much less worry and stress keeping the animals safe. It’s know as the “blue hole”, with the most sunny days in western Washington.
We are grateful for all of you and your support. We look forward to growing and saving more beautiful souls! Same goals just a different residence!

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