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140318 W. North River Rd. Prosser, WA


OUR FARM SANCTUARY:  We are a 501 (c)3 registered non-profit. The 10 acre sanctuary is a located in Prosser, WA, a dreamy agricultural town in Eastern Washington. A 1908 homestead, the property has the original barn, farmhouse, a stone storage building, and several out -buildings. The sanctuary is supported by it’s on site produce gardens, fruit trees, and Riesling grape vineyard, as well as through donations and fundraising events.

OUR MISSION: :To provide rehabilitation, adoption, or sanctuary to farm animals rescued from cruelty and neglect, teach kindness toward all animals through volunteer and education programs, and advocate for compassionate living.

The Noble Animal Sanctuary provides a forever home to animals rescued from neglect, abuse, or surrendered from those unable to take care of them. The animals at the sanctuary experience love and care, and live out their natural lives in a safe environment.

We provide top veterinary care, nutrition, and housing for the animals living in our sanctuary.

It is important for us to build a sense of community through our volunteer programs, rescue efforts and educational programs. We welcome special needs groups, at risk youth groups, and families wanting to share the love of animals with their children.

We advocate for the rights of all animals to live lives free from abuse and cruelty, and actively promote plant-based eating and compassionate living in all of our advocacy.


Greg Noble and Michelle Jones-Allgaier

Michelle Allgaier always loved being surrounded by animals and nature. She would imagine herself in the place of Dr. Doolittle, caring for and communicating with animals, and welcomed any stray to follow her home. She spent hours immersed in the natural world, studying and drawing what she found. She had dreams of owning a farm, only to have them dashed when she found out that all those animals weren’t pets- they would be killed for food.

Moving into adulthood Michelle continued to find solace in nature, surrounded herself with rescued dogs and cats, and settled into a career of yoga and art. She founded The Yoga Community and a custom art company, Chell Design.

Greg Noble is a field surveyor by trade. Losing his mother at a young age instilled a deep compassion for the innocent. He has been a passionate defender of animals since he can remember.

In 2014, Michelle and Greg Noble became aware of the extensive cruelty of the factory farm industry, adopted a vegan lifestyle, and became advocates for animal rights. They were inspired by the Farm Sanctuary, and The Gentle Barn; farm sanctuaries where neglected, abused, special needs, and sick farm animals would be taken care of, instead of tossed aside as waste. They searched southeastern Washington and found there was no place for farm animals to be placed, and that was the beginning of the dream- The Noble Animal Sanctuary.


“for every life taken too soon”

Noble Animal Sanctuary is dedicated to Becky Noble, Greg’s mother, who passed away in 1971.

“Rebecca Joan (pronounced Joanne) “Becky” Noble was born on October 26, 1951. She was the 5th child of Betty and Dick Noble. Becky was a very happy go-lucky child and teenager. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She had a fun-loving way about her and brought smiles to everyone she met.

Becky was a friend and wonderful big sister to me. She often helped me carry home stray kitties, and helped to convince our mother that we had to make room in their small house for them. When she was a junior in high school, Becky rescued a little black poodle mix that she called “Mickey” , and once again room was made for him in that little house.

Becky also enjoyed spending time, and was very close with her 2 older sisters. When she became an auntie, she loved to babysit her nieces and nephews. On November 14, 1969, Becky was blessed with her own son, Gregory Martin, and “Mickey” became Greg’s first dog.

Two short years after Greg was born, Becky was killed by a drunk driver on Thanksgiving 1971. She had just turned 21 years old a month earlier. Despite her short life, Becky was loved by many, and she lives in our hearts to this day.

She would be so proud that Greg and Michelle love animals so much that they would dedicate their livelihood to animal welfare and protecting and caring for those who can’t ask for help.”
-Lynn Paden, Becky’s sister

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