South Central Washington

County and City Quick Reference

Animal Control for Benton, Franklin and Yakima Counties

Benton County Non- Emergency Sheriff

(509) 628-0333

Franklin County Non- Emergency Sheriff

(509) 545-3510

Yakima County Animal Control


Yakima County Dog Control


Benton County Animal Control Services handles concerns and complaints about animals in Benton County rural areas.

(509) 374-4235.

Tri-City Animal Shelter and Control handles all three cities concerns and investigations for dogs and cats.

(509) 545-3740

For wildlife situations call Wildlife Control. 

(509) 582-1889

Blue Mountain Wildlife Rescue for wildlife emergencies –24 Hour Rescue Line (541)278-0215

Cell 541.377.8246

You can also call the police/ sheriff department’s non-emergency number, and in extreme situations- 911

Washington State Fish and Wildlife

Farm Sanctuaries

River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary

River’s Wish Animal Sanctuary is located on 65 acres in Spokane County and is dedicated to helping animals in need.
11511 West Garfield Rd.
Spokane, WA. 99224
(509) 951-3650

Buck Brogiotti Animal Sanctuary

We want to help! We are here for any agricultural animal that needs help. We provide food, shelter and veterinary care to farm animals who need a new home.
Pendleton, WA
Facebook Page

Noble Animal Sanctuary

To protect and offer sanctuary to farm animals rescued from cruelty and neglect. To teach people kindness and compassion toward all animals through volunteer and education programs, and advocate for compassionate living.

140318 W. North River Rd
Prosser, WA

Pig’s Peace Sanctuary

Pigs Peace Sanctuary is a place of tranquility and happiness located one hour north of Seattle in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) ogranization dedicated to providing a safe home for unwanted, abused or neglected animals in need and we are committed to spreading the message of compassion and respect for all animals.

(360) 629-6433

Pasado’s Safe Haven

Established in 1997 in honor of a special donkey named Pasado, we are a non-profit on a mission to end animal cruelty. (Farm animals, dogs and cats)

Sultan, WA
(360) 793-9393

New Moon Farm Goat Rescue & Sanctuary (Goats)

19111 Burn Rd
Arlington, Washington 98223
Ph: 844-438-4628

Terra Farm Sanctuary

Terra Farm Sanctuary provides a compassionate home for retired, unwanted, and abused animals to live out their lives respected and free from harm. Our mission is to protect these individuals while providing for their wellbeing and comfort, allowing them to thrive in a place of solace. They will not work, perform, or otherwise produce while living out their natural lives in peace.

Spokane County, WA


Blackbird Ranch Wildlife Rehab and Farm Sanctuary

7752 Parvin Rd.

Pullman, Washington
(619) 729-1813

Dog and Cat Rescue and Adoption Agencies

Benton County Animal Control Services

The mission of the Benton County Animal Control Facility is to balance the health, safety and welfare needs of people and dogs within the unincorporated areas of Benton County. We achieve our mission by protecting citizens from dangers and hazards of uncontrollable dogs and promoting responsible pet ownership.

1116 N. Grant Place
Kennewick, WA 99336
Phone:(509) 460-4923

Tri-City Animal Shelter and Control Services

The Animal Control Authority was established to maintain administrative oversight of animal control services that are provided to the citizens of Kennewick, Pasco and Richland. Currently Tri-City Animal Shelter and Control provides this service.

1312 S. 18th Avenue
Pasco, Washington 99301
(509) 545-3740

Benton Franklin Humane Society

BFHS is dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals and the creation of a more responsible and humane community. We operate an Adoption Center and No-Kill Shelter in Kennewick, Washington.

1736 E 7th Ave.
Kennewick, WA 99337
Phone: (509) 374-4235

Pet Over Population Prevention (POPP)

Pet Over Population Prevention (POPP) is a 501(c)(3), local non-profit, all-volunteer, NO-Kill pet organization dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership, thus preventing the needless death and suffering of companion animals.

524 B Railroad (Warehouse) Street
Richland, WA
(509) 943-4722

Columbia Animal Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.)

Petsmart, Kennewick, WA

Mikey’s Chance

Mikey’s Chance is dedicated to rescuing dogs from untenable situations, and placing them in homes where the needs and lifestyle of the humans match the needs and temperament of the individual dog.
West Richland, WA

Adopt Shelter Animal Pets

West Richland
Out West Pet Rescue
424 Wine Country Rd.
Prosser, WA
(509) 832-3060

A Paw Up Rescue

Please message on Facebook or email.
Prosser, WA
​A-PAW-UP-Rescue on Facebook

The Pitbull Pen

Let’s build the regions biggest and best pit bull and bully breed rescue!
Tri-Cities, WA
(509) 588-9993

Dogs of the Gorge

Dogs of the Gorge is a non-profit organization helping Klickitat County re-home and adopt out dogs in need.
115 Wing Road
Goldendale, WA 98620

Northwest Boxer Rescue

Northwest Boxer Rescue (NWBR) believes that every boxer deserves a chance to live a happy life in a loving home. Abandoned or homeless Boxers will always find shelter, medical care, and ultimately a new home, through the efforts of NWBR.


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