Noble Animal Sanctuary is southeastern and southcentral Washington’s only farm animal sanctuary. Since 2015 we have helped over 130 animals in from emergency situations. We have rescued and rehomed animals from hoarding situations, raised baby birds by hand, delivered adoptees to their forever homes, rescued pigs, donkeys and horses from slaughter, trapped and neutered feral cats, built winter cat shelters, rescued abandoned pigs, and more.  Currently our 10 acre sanctuary in a home to 9 pigs, 2 horses, 3 mini-donkeys, 7 cats, 3 dogs,  and a rooster. As our organization grows, so will our ability to rescue more animals from neglect, cruelty or abandonment, working with the community, individuals, and law enforcement. Our future “rescue barn” will allow us to house animals from emergency situations, medically needy animals,  or those in quarantine, until they are able to be adopted or join the sanctuary residents.


As children most of us could relate to animals. We grew up on stories of farm animals, and stories about nature. There is an innate connection of children to animals. By teaching empathy and uniting at-risk youth with all life, we can help them become protectors of the each other, and the earth.

Animals that have suffered neglect, abuse, abandonment, or worse, give children someone to relate to. They can see that change is possible. Children can feel safe with the animals, and see that abused animals in various stages of recovery, offering hope in healing their own pain.

We invite teachers, counselors, and any group wishing to enhance children’s lives to participate in this unique program.

“Children who love animals are our only hope for a better tomorrow and a cruelty free world.”


It’s not often that kids get to meet farm animals up close. At the sanctuary we will invite schools and other educational groups to sign up for educational tours. They will learn how animals communicate through body language, why animals do what they do, and learn that we really have a lot in common- regardless how different we look.

After a presentation, students will get to interact with the animals; maybe it’s giving a pig a tummy rub, brushing a donkey, or talking to Elvis the rooster

Our goal is to teach children empathy, kindness, and mercy for all species of animals.

“Surround your children with animals, for they are the teachers with purity of heart.”


We believe that every life matters, is unique, and deserves the opportunity to live a full life. Our goal is to offer special care to animals needing assistance whether due to old age, birth defects or developmental disability. We will assist them in living free from suffering to the besst of our abilities.

Animals can give unconditional love, kindness and a nonjudgemental attitude to all. We will provide a quiet, safe atomosphere where special needs adults and children have the freedom to be themselves.

Animals teach love, trust, connection, and responsibility- important for special needs children. Many people don’t get the opportunity to pet, brush or feed farm animals- but they will be able to at the sanctuary.

As our facility grows we would love to accommodate your group.



We encourage artists to get acquainted with our animal friends. Make an appointment for yourself, or with a group to come sketch in Plein air style, or participate in an art show / fundraising event.


​Through vegan potlucks and events we hope to spread the word that a vegan lifestyle is the kindest, most compassionate way to live. It’s healthy for you, healthy for the planet, and most importantly it takes cruelty off your plate.


It is our goal that no animal should suffer for lack of food or health care.

Through our fundraising we will set aside a fund for those in the community with companion, or fostered animals needing emergency food or veterinary care.

We do not offer assistance to those using animals as food or other commodity, but would be happy to adopt, or find foster homes for those animals, rather than allow suffering or slaughter.