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Noble Animal Sanctuary provides rehabilitation, adoption, or sanctuary to farm animals rescued from cruelty and neglect, teach kindness toward all animals through volunteer and education programs, and advocate for compassionate living.

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Every dollar you give counts! We are primarily funded through small donations. Every penny donated goes to the feeding and upkeep of the animals at the sanctuary. Thank you so much for considering us as a place to share your abundance.

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Abby and Blitz, Peacemakers

Pigs never cease to intrigue me. We recently introduced Frances and Sonny, a rescued mother and son couple, to the rest of the sounder. In most ways it went better than expected. There were some battles, but everyone settled into their positions quickly- except for...

Late night at the sanctuary

Every night when it’s below 40 degrees I make a late night round between 10 and 11 to make sure every animal is either tucked in, or has what they need to be comfortable. I make sure Onyx isn’t stuck in the hay, and is able to snuggle up to Hammy. (They are our...

Sonny, Top Mini Pig

Sonny- now top mini pig! After several months of separation, Frances and her son, Sonny were able to meet the rest of the sounder face to face without a fence between them. It's always nerve wracking to watch them establish hierarchy. Tidbit and Sonny fought many...

Thanksgiving Thoughts

I sit at the breakfast table with a cup of English Breakfast Tea. It’s usually warm this Thanksgiving morning. The sun peaks through the intermittent clouds. A fog bank lazily rolls over the Horse Heaven Hills, on it’s surface a sliver of silver reflects the sun. The...

Elvis has Girls!

After 3 months a lonely bachelor, Elvis finally has rescue hens to watch over. It was so moving and beautiful to observe Elvis’ reaction. He was outside the coop when we released the hens into the coop. He listened intently to the commotion coming from the coop. In...

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